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More Themed Jenius Sexing XP

ravingpsycho24: :-**sigh* Observe the majestic Jeniui as they mate in the wild- that is- wildly, under the flickering fluorescent lights of the underfunded public school classroom... They have been waiting for this moment for a long time: mating season. *jumps on, humps*
chinomorenohex: lol grrrawr! *makes out* *richard attenborough voice* the distinctive mating call of the male jenius begins the courtship
ravingpsycho24: >.< lol Agh, the sexy educational program voice. *perks up at the grawr* o.o Purrrrr... *string of obscenities, circles yew*
chinomorenohex: the dominant female circles the male, and replies with her own unique call. this ritual is, for the most part, to arouse and stimulate the male, as you can see...o.o
ravingpsycho24: o.O *slows down, bobs head for a moment, sizing yew up*
chinomorenohex: the female makes sure the male is worth yof her sexayness :-P and even tho he isnt, he just cant hold back any longer *pounces, rolls on top, bites and sexes*
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