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Who would ever thing the creepy janitor would be famous?! Kind of...

**From the Brighton High School newspaper

Getting To Know...
Dzung Huu Nguyen
BHS Custodial Staff

Darcie Burton
Staff Reporter


Dzung is truly a man of mystery. His presence inspires the imaginations of students to create elaborate myths of teleportation, appearing everywhere in the school. (JENIUS EDIT: Too true... lol Deidra) He is more of a regular, ultra-friendly, hard-working, dedicated guy who happens to have a more shy side.

Dzung is one of the janitors here at Brighton High school. He's especially friendly and diligent in his work.

In 1975 Dzung immigrated here from Vietnam. He was a high military official for South Vietnam in the Vietnam War. After the war Dzung sought a new life here and became a BHS janitor. (JENIUS EDIT: What a lousy trade-off. >.<)

Dzung has been working here ever since, that is 29 years of work on the janitorial staff of the high school. He has more seniority in the building than the vast majority of the teachers.

"He's always a friendly person in the hallways; I'll stop and talk to him. He does a really good job," says teacher Joe Pawloski who has been teaching here for about the same amount of time as Dzung.

He's well appreciated and respected by students too. Last year he received a letter of appreciation from a student which really warmed his heart.

With a job held for that long, he'd really have to love his job, and he does.

"I love school! It's very much fun for me. It keeps me busy, but I'm very happy," Dzung said.

He likes the school so much that he has sent all seven of his children to school in the Brighton school system. (JENIUS EDIT: Holy... That's a lot of little buggers running around.) All of which have graduated from Brighton High and gone on to finish college.

"Most people know me here, I feel people like me," Dzung stated.

He's right about that.


I have to say, when I noticed that article while Cheryl was reading the newspaper, my first thought was, "Holy shit! Let me read that!" And then, naturally, I had to post in on here for Deidraluv to read. :-* Dzung Huu Nguyen may be an awesome guy (and he seems interesting...) but he still scares the bejesus out of me when he randomly appears around a corner. >.<


Thank you,
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