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Myspace forum discussion, which i felt i shud share o.O

Random myspace guy:
Well I thought I'd like to debate things with people like civilized humans. Please do not send me a friends invite (unless you ask me first), please do not flame unless someone flames you first, please be civilized.

Anyways, the first topic is:

Do you believe in an achievable utopia, if yes, how?
To what extent do you believe that our lives are utopiam, or viceversa?

I believe in an achievable utopia, but it's virtually impossible. I'm the one to believe that as long as there's posessions and knowledge, there will be a thirst for more, henceforth there will always be jeaolousy and hatred among humans, that is, what defines us as humans in the end, the desire for more than just the basic requirements of life (oxygen, food and water). So as long as there's possessions, and scientific knowledge, life will not truly be perfect... all the facts are realistic, and bring one down to society's standards...

I think our lives are utopian to the context of the word. Everyone gets chances, some just blow them, some don't... Instead of life being utopian, I'd say that we build our own utopy

I don't think humanity as it exists today can ever be called "utopian" in any sense of the word with a straight face. Like you say, individual ownership of things that aren't universal, like knowledge in certain fields, material and monetary wealth, prevent many people from being satisfied in their lives, because they want what their neighbor has. I think in order to achieve a perfectly balanced and peaceful utopian society, we would have to sacrifice all that makes us individual and separated. Beliefs, money, knowledge, love, all would have to go. But then what would we be other than mammals, living separate lives, performing nothing but menial tasks of survival, simply to be alive. In essence, society itself would need to be sacrificed, which would negate the entire idea.

Random myspace guy:
Indeed. But society doesn't have to be sacrificed. An example of a perfect utopy would be Lenninist-Marxist communism, then again, the theory is unpracticable, communism simply doesn't work, more than always, it becomes Universal imperialism based on a few, or a single figure... the dictator... Yet another fine example of human greed; putting everything personal above the well being of an entire community and thousands of millions of human lives.

Exactly why the idea of a "utopian society" seems like nothing but a joke or the unilateral wet-dream of the '60s generation. In order for it to work, everyone would need to agree upon the same principles, and uphold them themselves, without force. But people aren't like that, and someone will always be gunning for the top position, in order to rule the rest. Greed can't be universally dismissed as a primitive emotion that we can all decide to rise above. It governs the actions of too many for us ever to live in peace and harmony.

Random myspace guy:
Agreed, we have the same views.

New topic anyone?
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